Walsden flooded in July 2013 probably caused by a blocked culvert under Kershaw Road. There was excessive rainfall on that day during a thunderstorm and the culvert overflowed causing damage to the road and railway.

The stream from the moor above has a watershed of approximately 90 hectares and with a rainfall of 15mm = about 13,500 cu m. that fell that day. The culvert under Kershaw Road, at 1 sq m and 2m per second = 7,200 cu m per hour, would have taken the flood within 2 hours.

There has been new building recently just above the flooded area and this may be involved or simply maintenance of the culvert is required. It should simply be a matter of inspecting the area and clearing any obstructions, preferably before any heavy rain. If you ask around someone (try the local bowls club) will know what the problem is and when the culvert was last cleaned - usually when it was last done by the old council.

I would hope that all this has been sorted out by now, but if Pateley Bridge is anything to go by you may be waiting many years. It needs somebody local to make a formal complaint to the council and your local MP and ask for a formal reply. This should focus matters.


Walsden Story July 2013