Survey on St Asaph November 2012


Rhuddlan Castle

St Asaph

Photo courtesy of Mercury Press and Media Ltd shows the flooded area extremely well.

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This photo shows the flooding, after the peak, split into 2 parts and perhaps caused by the road embankment through St Asaph. The road embankment to the bridge by Rhuddlan Castle is having the same effect.
In St. Asaph the river flood banks are preventing the the water getting back into the river and as the gravel accumulates between the banks the river will overflow at the lowest point. The flood plain is then blocked by the road embankment.
At Rhuddlan the road embankment has blocked the valley - it even has it's own pond. The flood water has to leave by the river bridge, this is prevented by the flood wall and gravel in the river. It is a long way but this may have caused the new estate in St Asaph to flood.