Skipton flooded in 2012,

Once again the reader must make your own mind about these floods because the causes seem a bit too obvious. If anybody responsible has seen the back of bus station car park and Morrisons car park the floods would have been sorted long ago.

There have been several reports talking about building 2 storage dams above Skipton to catch flood water and prevent flooding in town. These depend on how much water falls - when they are full they are ineffective. Would it be better to clear the blockages in town and allow the flood to go on it's way.

In 2014 after much discussion the plans and reports were shelved as the money could not be found. If the costs were not so great perhaps the work could be done and Skipton kept dry.

In my opinion (for what it is worth) the main causes of flooding are the culvert under Morrison’s car park and the culvert under the canal behind the bus station. Morrisons should pay for an extra culvert under their ground - but they are short of money at the moment. The culvert under the canal is an unknown quantity but there should be plans or memories of the work done here and then a decision can be taken.

The rest of the problems should be down to general maintenance by the council and will not require reports and plans - this should be done anyway as a routine matter.

If local contractors could be used this work should not exceed £1M.

The following story might help those responsible.