Surveys on flooding in the towns and rivers

Jan 2016

This site is all about the causes of the floods in various towns and rivers. The comments are my opinion as someone using common sense, having no 'ology' but I have been a builder for the last 40 years. Usually there is some kind of blockage in the watercourse which can be found using Google Earth and photographs.
For various reasons the powers that be will not allow clearance/ dredging or any work in rivers so they are slowly getting more and more blocked with silt and gravel as the mountains go down to the sea.

How dredging works

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Dredging law

Idea for tidal sluice

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Why Britain floods

Flooded Towns and why

River Trent

This is the storage dam at Morpeth under construction - now finished. It holds 1.5M cum water. The catchment of the River Gaunless is 287 sqK. The rainfall in 48hrs in Sept 2008 was 150mm. This gives 43M cum water. The dam holds 3.5% of the flood. Once full it cannot help any more.